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      The Health Tech Alliance is delighted that the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) has confirmed the launch of the MedTech Funding Mandate from spring 2021 and that the criteria will be broadened from April 2022 – something that was announced during our recent event with Matt Whitty, Chief Executive of the AAC.

      From 1 April 2021, four products will be eligible for the Mandate, including Health Tech Alliance member HeartFlow’s product, HeartFlow FFCRT, a non-invasive cardiac test that provides a personalised visualisation of each patient’s coronary arteries.

      From 1 April 2022, the criteria will broaden so that technologies will need to demonstrate a net saving across a three-year period (rather than in-year savings). In addition, technologies will need to be effective (as demonstrated through a positive NICE MTG or DG), and affordable to the NHS (with the budget impact not exceeding £20m in any of the first three years).

      The change in criteria is something that the Health Tech Alliance and many others in the sector has campaigned for since the Mandate policy was first proposed. This is an important milestone for the industry and a recognition of the need for flexibility for products which often require upfront investment but begin to demonstrate substantial benefits after their first year of adoption. You can find more information on the MedTech Funding Mandate by clicking here.

      Reacting to the announcement our Chair Dame Barbara Hakin said: We are delighted that the MedTech Funding Mandate will launch from April 2021. Moreover, we welcome the decision to broaden the criteria for the Mandate from April 2022 – a decision that will ensure that more ground-breaking medical devices, diagnostics and digital products reach patients and help frontline clinicians deliver the best possible care”.

      Meanwhile, our CEO Nicholas Lansman said: “This is an important milestone for the HealthTech sector. The Mandate will ensure that technologies get to patients more quickly and we are pleased that the criteria will be broadened from 2022 onwards – something that the Health Tech Alliance has long campaigned for. We look forward to working with the Accelerated Access Collaborative to ensuring that the Mandate works for all partners involved”.