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      Forthcoming Events


      Parliament & HealthTech Conference

      14th October 2021

      The Health Tech Alliance is hosting the third of its Parliament & HealthTech Conferences on 14th October 2021. The topic is HealthTech 2025: The Vision Ahead.

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      Previous Events

      Parliament & HealthTech Conference

      24th June 2021

      The Health Tech Alliance is hosting the second of its Parliament & HealthTech Conferences on 24th June 2021. The topic is Healthcare, AI and data: bridging the divide.

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      Parliament & HealthTech Conference

      27th April 2021

      The Health Tech Alliance is hosting the first of its Parliament & HealthTech Conferences on 27th April 2021.

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      28th January 2020

      The Health Tech Alliance convened its inaugural Parliament & HealthTech Conference in the Houses of Parliament. The Conference was hosted by Steve McCabe MP, chaired by Dame Barbara Hakin, the Chair of the Health Tech Alliance, and was attended by nearly 200 delegates from across the industry, Parliament, civil society, the NHS and wider health bodies. It was sponsored by Edwards Lifesciences, Intuitive and iRhythm Technologies. The conference heard keynote speeches from the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care the Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP and Dr Sam Roberts, Chief Executive of the Accelerated Access Collaborative and two panel sessions featuring a host of senior stakeholders from across the health system. Read more here.

      5th December 2019

      Members heard from representatives of the Shelford Group of teaching hospitals about the realities of hospital procurement and discuss how industry and hospital procurement teams can work together more effectively and in alignment with the NHS Long Term Plan. Read more here.

      20th September 2019

      A range of speakers from across the Academic Health Science Networks provided our members provided a detailed outline of the AHSN Network’s role in driving the uptake of innovation and how this ties with the work of the Accelerated Access Collaborative and the Long Term Plan. Members later joined forces with AHSN representatives to discuss how both entities collaborate more effectively. Read more here.

      11th July 2019

      Innovation and technology in the NHS – development, uptake and workforce engagement

      The Health Tech Alliance attended this Westminster Health Forum event which was an opportunity to hear about the work of the recently launched NHSX and provided an opportunity to consider what support the Accelerated Access Collaborative can provide to innovators to ensure the uptake of new technologies in the NHS.

      21st May 2019

      Members heard from the former Health Minister Lord O’Shaughnessy about the healthtech policy landscape and Dr Helen Compton of the NIHR about the latest developments on the Accelerated Access Collaborative. Read more here.

      16th January 2019

      Following the publication of the NHS’ long-term plan, members discussed the plans’ implications for healthtech and NHS’ key areas of long-term focus. Read more here.

      4th September 2018 

      Members heard from Dr Sam Roberts, Director of Life Sciences and Innovation and Jill Cockrill, Senior Casemix Consultant at NHS Digital. Read more here 

      8th May 2018 

      Members received advice on best practice in NICE submissions and assessments and a live demo of HealthTech Connect (formerly MedTechScan) horizon-scanning system. Speakers: David Sissling, Sheryl Warttig and Paul Dimmock from the NICE Centre for Health Technology Evaluation. Read more here 

      20th February 2018 

      The Alliance held a workshop on how healthtech companies could better collaborate with the Academic Health Science Network (AHSNs) hearing from Steve Feast, Managing Director of Eastern AHSN and Holly McLaren, Commercial Director of UCL Partners. Read more here  

      16th November 2017 

      Following the Government’s response to the Accelerated Access Review (AAR), the Alliance heard from Miles Scott, Improvement Director at NHS Improvement and Caroline Fenwick, from the Office for Life Sciences, both of whom were overseeing implementation of the AAR at their respective organisations. Read more here 

      18th July 2017 

      Rachel Yates, the Managing Director and Deputy SRO of the ‘Getting It Right First Time’ (GIRFT) programme updated members on the progress of the GIRFT programme. Read more here 

      9th May 2017 

      Members were given an exclusive first look at the MedTech Early Technical Assessment (META) tool, hearing from NICE’s Carla Deakin and Deborah Morrison. Read more here.