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      Parliament & Healthtech Conference 2022

      The annual Parliament & HealthTech Conference is the Health Tech Alliance’s flagship event. Chaired by Dame Barbara Hakin, Former Deputy Chief Executive of NHS England and Chair of the Health Tech Alliance, this very high-profile event in Parliament gives a unique opportunity for the industry, the NHS and the wider health system to come together and examine the most pressing challenges affecting the NHS.

      Launched in 2020 in Parliament, the Parliament & HealthTech Conference went virtual in 2021 with a series of 3 successful online events. Please check out the replays and reports below for more details.

      The 2022 conference returned to Parliament on Thursday 19th May from 2pm to 6pm and was hosted by Taiwo Owatemi MP.  Entitled “The Road to Resilience”, it explored the steps that will need to be taken in the years to come to continue the momentum seen during the pandemic around the key role of HealthTech and make the healthcare system more resilient for its staff and patients. Featuring keynote speakers Sam Roberts, CEO at NICE & Lord Kamall, Minister for Technology, Innovation and Life Sciences, the conference brought together key health sector stakeholders, providing insights into the direction of UK health care, its recovery following the pandemic & how technology can play a vital role in enhancing the health system moving forward.


      You can read our Parliament & Healthtech 2022 Final Report Here. The document outlines blockages, first steps, and solutions for the NHS and Industry on the Road to Resilience

      The conference was kindly supported by: