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      The health and social care system in England is fast approaching a crunch point which could make or break its future. Despite the remarkable developments in healthcare which are saving more lives than ever before and curing conditions previously deemed untreatable, the financial burdens facing the NHS have never been greater and the daunting social care challenge that await us are yet to be fully addressed.

      The recent emergence of healthtech and AI presents unparalleled opportunities to revolutionise patient outcomes, improve efficiency and free up resources to allow doctors and nurses to focus on where they are most needed. But unless implemented effectively, these opportunities could merely represent a flash in the pan. The integration of technological solutions into existing practices will therefore only benefit patients if it is done in partnership with the health system and all of the individuals who have a stake in its future.

      It is clear then, that our task as a society is to work together to ensure that we do get this right. This is why the HealthTech Alliance has launched its inaugural Parliament & Healthtech Conference on the 28th January 2020. Hosted by Steve McCabe MP (Officer of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Medicines & Medical Devices) and chaired by the former Chief Executive of NHS England, Dame Barbara Hakin, this half-day conference will bring together stakeholders from across the entire spectrum of the health and social care system and civil society to discuss the biggest healthcare challenges facing our country.

      Commenting on the formal launch of the Parliament & HealthTech Conference 2020, Dame Barbara Hakin said:

      “The only way we can deal with the future challenges the health system faces is through a united, collaborative strategy between the NHS, policymakers, industry and civil society on a level never seen before.

      “This is why the Health Tech Alliance has launched the Parliament & Healthtech Conference. We want to start a discussion about what we need to do to get ready for these challenges and healthtech’s role in solving them.”

      Interested in attending Parliament & HealthTech 2020? Find out more by contacting events@healthtechalliance.uk