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      Yesterday’s leaked Labour manifesto, made available only hours before it was to be signed off, offers an insight into the party’s plans for the NHS – an area of policy which the party typically polls well on.

      The manifesto commits the party to over £6 billion extra in annual funding for the NHS and sets out plans to establish a new Office for Budget Responsibility for Health to oversee health spending and scrutinise how and where it is spent.

      Labour say they will halt Sustainability and Transformation Plans, create ‘NHS Excellence’ – a new quality, safety and excellence regulator, and repeal the Health & Social Care Act.

      Whilst the leaked document is light on health tech, it does mention a commitment to ensuring “that NHS patients get fast access to the most effective new drugs and treatments”.

      Health policy is yet to properly be debated in this election campaign, which thus far has been understandably dominated by Brexit. The Party and its leadership may, however, continue to feel that the NHS is one area where they could and should be polling higher than the Tories.