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      Today, the Government published the Workforce Plan, pledging £2.4 billion in funding over the next five years to expand medical training facilities. The NHS long term plan focuses on doubling places for medical students, nurses, GP trainees for junior doctors and NHS medical apprenticeships in the next 15 years. The plan also details greater use of tech within the NHS.

      Our Director of External Affairs, Ellie Kearney, commented on the plan:

      “We are pleased that the government has released the long anticipated Workforce Plan and outlined proactive plans to solve the pressing issue of staff shortages within healthcare. Staff lie at the heart of what the NHS achieves so it is great that this long-term thinking plan has finally been published to build a sustainable workforce for the future.

      The plan also details greater use of tech within the NHS to free up time, increase flexibility and provide care for patients more effectively. This is really exciting because it shows that the Government recognises the role that technology plays in improving efficiency within the health industry.

      Whilst it is positive that the Government has released the Workforce plan and stated how they will execute it, however, it is very ambitious to achieve in such a short period of time and requires a fundamental shift in medical training structure as it is now. Nonetheless, it is exciting to see some proactivity and official strategy laid out.

      We look forward to engaging with the Government on this plan and exploring how the HealthTech industry can support the workforce in the coming years.”